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Basel Capital Adequacy Experts

BST Consulting is a firm of seasoned risk consultants specialised in Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk and Operational Risk, under the Basel regulatory reporting framework. Our training and implementation team consists of project managers, business analysts and test analysts, with cognate experience in senior management roles in the biggest firms in the UK.

Our advisory team covers all aspects of Basel II, Basel III and Basel IV (also known as Basel III 2017 reform) regulatory requirements and cater for specific client business needs, in relation to their organisational strategy and business vision and recommend solutions which our implementation division and/or partners can design and implement.

Our carefully designed Basel Bank Capital Adequacy training program, will address observable skills and knowledge gaps within credit risk management and assist the bank in reducing its NPL ratio, making savings to Risk Weighted Assets (RWAs) and ultimately promote an incentive for capital savings in today’s fiercely competitive financial services space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost effective professional services to all our clients. We guarantee that our services will imbue clients with competitive advantages, regardless of size and market segmentation.

Our Vision

To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Business Philisophy

Our business philosophy is based on the principle of ‘Clients First’. This compels us to meet and exceed client expectations at all times.

Why to choose us

As always, partners grows with you!


We provide professional advisory services to our clients on implementation of Basel regulatory requirements and also assist our clients in understanding and interpreting the regulatory requirements.


Our team of Basel risk consultants  experienced in catering to specific client business needs, can analyse your specific business needs in relation to your organisational strategy and business vision and recommend solutions to be implemeted


Our experts have a wealth of experience and expertise around the intricate workings of Basel II and Basel III regulatory requirements and are dedicated to assist banks with assessing and meeting the Basel requirements.


The revised Basel III regulation will increase the quality of the banks buffer and facilitate banks to ease some of their costs on risk. The quality of services enable us to assist financial institutions to achieve this objective.